City of Woodstock

Increasing Efficiency for a Small Recruitment Team

The Backstory

The City of Woodstock has been using Recruit Right since 2015, when Marcy Macdonald started as the Manager of Human Resources. With a population of just over 41,000, the City of Woodstock employs about 350 people full-time. In 2019, the City hired 93 full-time City employees and 101 summer students. With approximately 100 job postings a year, the City of Woodstock needed to modernize their recruitment process.

The Challenge

Prior to the City of Woodstock, Marcy held a position as Human Resources Manager with Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation for 16 years. At that time, the recruitment of hundreds of employees for two casinos was handled strictly through paper forms. When she landed in her new role, Marcy worked closely with the Recruit Right team to get up to speed.

“Recruit Right for me was ‘Wow!’ The transition from paper to digital was a big step in the right direction. I could never go back.”

The Solution

The City of Woodstock relies heavily on Recruit Right’s job posting and applicant tracking features. After consulting with the hiring managers, all jobs are created and posted through the Recruit Right applicant tracking software. With the ability to add screening questions to each posting, applicants are automatically sorted for review.

HR Assistant, Cara, handles day-to-day recruitment tasks through Recruit Right, bringing Marcy in for candidate evaluation. Though hiring managers are able to have controlled access to the platform, Marcy and Cara manage the process. The two-person recruitment team uses Recruit Right’s reporting feature to send qualified candidates to hiring managers for review.

Once candidates have been ranked, Recruit Right is updated with those scores and interviews are arranged. With administrative tasks automated within the software, the hiring team is able to focus on interviews and ultimately, securing the right candidate for the job.

The Results

Since adopting the Recruit Right software, the City of Woodstock has been able to completely streamline their recruitment process.

Marcy notes that the ability to copy and paste a job posting saves so much time, especially when it comes to the volume of their summer student positions. Furthermore, the ability to search through their applicant database has proven to be very useful. Specifically, the team frequently uses the keyword search function to see which positions applicants may have submitted for in the past. 

For a small HR team with other priorities, Marcy says the increased efficiency has been invaluable.

“Having access to everything we need in one central location has saved us countless hours of admin time so we’re able to focus on finding the right candidates. It’s so easy and user-friendly that Cara was able to pick it up in no time.”