The City of Lloydminster

Building Relationships with Hiring Managers

The Backstory

Straddling the border between Alberta and Saskatchewan, the City of Lloydminster (pop. 31,000+) has been using Recruit Right since 2017. The HR Manager at the time selected Recruit Right as the City’s Applicant Tracking Software and HR Generalist, Megan Radke was part of the implementation process.

The City hires for approximately 300 positions per year; 150 part-time/casual and another 100 seasonal or term positions. The HR team consists of four full-time employees, with Megan designated as the lead for the recruitment function. As the primary user of the Recruit Right system, she is supported by the HR admin.

Megan considers the building and maintaining of relationships with the City's 35 hiring managers to be a key to success for recruitment.

The Challenge

Before Recruit Right, all jobs were posted on the City of Lloydminster website. The process was especially resource-intensive when it came to frequent job postings as each new vacancy required the creation of a new posting.

Applicants would apply via email; internal applicants emailing to one address and external, to another. Once the deadline passed, screening was completed manually, with each applicant categorized (internal vs. external) and their qualifications, verified.


“We would often have external applicants apply via the internal email address and with hundreds of employees, simply confirming employment status was painstaking.”

Megan Radke, HR Generalist

Once screening was complete, Megan would email the list of qualified applicants along with their resumes to the respective hiring managers. After the hiring manager selected 3-5 candidates to interview, Megan would have to go back through her inbox to search for each candidate—another tedious task.

Reporting and accountability are critical in a unionized environment so Megan was often required to provide regular reports to management on the status of recruiting efforts. She would typically have to block off a couple of days in her schedule to dig through her inbox for data in order to prepare reports.

The entire process; from applications to offers and reporting, was handled quite literally, by hand.



The Solution

Though union employees continue to email their resumes, their applications are now uploaded to Recruit Right so everything is centralized. The ability to add screening questions directly within each application allows Lloydminster to automatically screen out those who are ineligible to work in Canada and those who are missing the required qualifications.

Since the adoption of Recruit Right, Megan now downloads the spreadsheet of qualified candidates; including their answers to pre-screening questions and resumes, and forwards them to the respective hiring manager for review and interview selection.

As a select number of hiring managers have requested to review all job applicants, Megan will start giving them access to Recruit Right. The software allows an account administrator like Megan to set permission levels for different job functions. This way, hiring managers are only able to access certain features related to those jobs they’re responsible for.

"Recruit Right has already helped us build relationships with our hiring managers as they trust the platform to accurately screen candidates. With their own accounts, they’re excited to have further input into the process and I look forward to less back and forth and even greater efficiency and transparency."

The Result

The ability for Lloydminster’s recruitment team to duplicate common jobs has been a huge time savings. Megan confirms that since adopting Recruit Right, they have saved hours a week on administrative work related to recruitment. The time spent sorting through emails to locate candidates and prepare reports has been eliminated.

Megan says Recruit Right “makes sense”, noting it’s intuitive, simple to navigate and easy to get others trained. As hiring managers at the City of Lloydminster begin to express interest in becoming more involved in the hiring process, she looks forward to unlocking even more of the platform’s powerful features.

“It would take me days to go through emails, one at a time, to assemble a report for management. Now, it’s a quick search to generate a report with the click of a button.”