The Municipality of Central Elgin

Delivering the Ultimate Candidate Experience

The Backstory

Located just south of London, Ontario, The Municipality of Central Elgin (pop. 13,000+) has been using Recruit Right since 2015. Almost immediately after being introduced to the software during a presentation on modern recruitment practices, Human Resources Manager Anouschka Van den Bosch was ‘sold’ and promptly convinced the CAO that Recruit Right was a priority investment. 

The small municipality employs about 65 people full-time, with an additional 26 summer students. They hire about five full-time positions a year along with a handful of summer students, as they retain most of the summer students year after year.

The municipality’s first ever Human Resources Manager, Anouschka describes herself as a ‘one-woman-show’. With plenty of responsibilities, she was looking to significantly reduce the amount of time spent on the administration of their recruiting process.

The Challenge

Prior to Recruit Right, Anouschka posted job openings on job boards and applicants would email their resumes to a standard careers email address. Once an application was received, she would reply, asking the applicant to complete and return the attached career profile. It was a time-consuming process.

Anouschka would manually review each applicant’s candidate profile (often, dozens at a time) to ensure they met the qualifications before sending them onto the hiring manager. Quite frequently, she would reach back out to applicants who had failed to provide the mandatory information.

The entire recruitment process at the Municipality of Central Elgin, from job application to job offer, was handled by email or phone.


“I would literally be emailing applicants in the evenings and on weekends so they wouldn’t be waiting. I believe recruitment is public relations. It’s important candidates have a positive experience. The ease and speed of the recruitment process is a prospective candidate’s first impression of our organization.”
Anouschka Van den Bosch, Manager of Human Resources & Health and Safety

The Solution

Since adopting the Recruit Right applicant tracking software, all jobs are now posted through the platform to the Municipality of Central Elgin’s website. The tedious candidate profile system has been automated.

Screening questions are now included as a mandatory part of the application process. As a result, Anouschka is able to quickly and easily filter applicants with the click of a button and share only qualified candidates with hiring managers.

“I can do a quick review of applicants in five minutes.”

Recruit Right allows Anouschka to tailor her approach for each hiring manager, the majority of whom prefer she do the work directly within Recruit Right. For some, she vets applicants ahead of time and for others, she gives them access to the entire applicant pool.

Anouschka leverages data export functions for reporting and tracking; automated email notifications for confirming application submissions and the status of application reviews. 

Once a shortlist of candidates has been identified, the hiring team is able to move forward with the interview process and select a new hire — all in far less time than their previous outdated process.

The Result

Since adopting the Recruit Right software, the Municipality of Central Elgin has been able to develop a more efficient hiring process while delivering a positive candidate experience. Being mobile-friendly and accessible, Recruit Right has provided seamless transition to a paperless, automated system that’s easy-to-use and appeals to the anytime-anywhere needs of today's applicants.

Though recruitment may not be a huge part of its small organization now, the Municipality of Central Elgin is growing. Recruit Right will not only allow them to scale but will facilitate a great first impression that attracts top talent.

“I believe in this product. It’s simple, professional, integrates with our website and has become a part of my day. Before Recruit Right, recruiting was time-consuming and cumbersome. Now, we’re saving at least 15 hours a week on admin work related to recruitment. Everything is easier, from job posting to job offer. It’s perfect.”