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The Ultimate Guide to Recruitment During Pandemic Recovery

As the economy begins its slow and painful recovery, businesses must learn to action buzzwords like ‘pivot’ and ‘adapt’. And when it comes to hiring, you’ll need to re-think the entire recruitment process because your pre COVID-19 strategy simply won’t cut it. The Ultimate Guide to Recruitment During Pandemic Recovery provides practical insight on how to survive and thrive in the new ‘normal’.  

You’ll learn how to: 

  1. Re-hiryour workforce safely and successfully 
  2. Attract top talent with a revamped candidate experience 
  3. Assess core competencies & emotional intelligence for better hires 
  4. Build a strong technology foundation that boosts productivity 

Packed with statistics and best practices from leading HR sources and experienced recruiters, this guide is a must-read for everyone involved in your organization’s recruitment efforts.