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How to improve the hiring process at your municipality

On-Demand Webinar

In this webinar, we highlight how municipalities and public sector organizations are currently hiring and show you a better way to manage inbound applicants for your job postings. Plus, we show you how easy it is to use our application tracking system. 

“We would often have external applicants apply via the internal email address and with hundreds of employees, simply confirming employment status was painstaking.”


Kandy Webb | HR Consultant

With more than 28 years of experience in Human Resource leadership in local government, Kandy is a proven municipal Human Resources and Corporate Services executive and Consultant with Non-Profit Human Resources Executive Director expertise. Demonstrated success in strategic, operational and financial planning and change management.

Marnie Erjavec | Product Manager

Marnie has almost 20 years of experience managing projects, leading cross-functional, large scale projects and managing product launches. She is always striving to provide outstanding client satisfaction and believes that communication is key to any successful venture.

Derek Roldan | Marketing Manager

Derek has an extensive background in marketing and branding, spanning public and private organizations. His experience in branding has given him valuable insights into the importance of creating an experience that companies can stand behind, and can be implemented beyond marketing and sales.

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