How to create the perfect job posting

So you’re a recruiter, sitting in your home office Monday morning. Your company has been kicking back in action since the better half of June. You’ve got five new positions to promote this week and your hiring manager wants 25 amazing candidates by Friday, two for each new position. Yikes. Pressure is on!

Creating and advertising a job posting shouldn’t be a headache. Using these four simple steps below to write an effective job posting will help you deliver stellar candidates to your hiring managers and allow you to never miss out on top talent.

  1. Optimize your job title
  2. Create a compelling introduction
  3. Prioritize the responsibilities
  4. Define your requirements

Optimize your job title

Increasing the exposure of your job post on job boards is your first task in standing out from the thousands of other applications. By optimizing your job title, we aren’t talking about using creative job titles like “Dare Devil Developer” or “Wonder Woman Writer”. These titles may be catchy, they won’t help your postings stand out because that’s not what your potential candidates are searching for. We recommend getting an understanding of your audience for the job, what they’re searching for, and using those keywords within your job title to start appearing in search results.

Create a compelling introduction

Shape the opening with a compelling summary of the main responsibilities, what’s expected and the overarching skills needed to rock at the job. This is the time to “sell the job”, and explain why it’s important to the company and how it ties into achieving your company’s strategic goals. By focusing on promoting positive company culture, values and key drivers of success, it gives the candidate a feeling of purpose and inspires them to apply.

Prioritize the responsibilities

When defining the responsibilities for your job post, don’t make a laundry list - empower your candidates and give a sense of ownership to their tasks. Put your responsibilities in a top-down list. Start with the main responsibilities that are must-haves for the job and work your way down. Be specific. Use action words to begin each bullet so expectations are clear and descriptive.

Define your requirements

Sometimes a job position can ask for too much, which can lose the job postings strength and defined purpose. Asking for specific competencies, hard and soft, will help you find a hire for the actual role you’re intending to fill. With your requirements, list them in short bullet points from most specific to broad. Remember to be transparent so the candidate knows exactly what you want for the role. Spice up the job posting with one or two bonus requirements that give candidates a boost of confidence when applying for the job. Just be sure to clarify these bonuses with your team at the beginning so you don’t waste time debating which requirements are mandatory and run the risk of losing a star candidate.

Competing with thousands of other applications out there, you can feel confident that your job postings will attract successful candidates for your company. Looking to learn how you can accelerate the rest of the process? Get in touch with us to see how Recruit Right can help streamline you from the job posting, the interview and to the ultimate hire.

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