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Create a Winning Candidate Experience at Your Municipality


If you're looking to attract top talent, it's time to structure a candidate experience that delivers. From job posting and applicant assessment to interviewing and employee onboarding, this webinar will offer strategies and tips that put people first--right from the start. 

Join Anouschka Van den Bosch, Manager of Human Resources at the Municipality of Central Elgin as she takes you through her organizations' journey to an ATS and their winning candidate experience.

I believe recruitment is public relations. It’s important candidates have a positive experience. The ease and speed of the recruitment process is a prospective candidate’s first impression of our organization.

Special Guest:

Anouschka Van den Bosch | Manager of Human Resources & Health and Safety

Anouschka has been in the HR profession for over 24 years. Having worked in the private and public sectors she has experienced recruitment for all levels from the cleaning crew to the executive.

Her passion is developing employees in their roles and helping them be successful in their careers. This is where recruitment is her passion as this is where you can set the employee and the organization up for success.

HR does not define who she is as she is also passionate about nature and horses and currently working on her Equine Diploma through the University of Guelph.

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