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Assessing the Assessments: A 101 on Assessment Selection Criteria


Is the world of assessments a bit of black hole for you? Do you find it confusing and overwhelming with so many choices out there? Perhaps you have had a negative experience and now have a bias against assessments but keep hearing that they can be invaluable. Alternatively, you may have had a positive experience and are curious to learn more.

In this 30-min webinar, Sophie Mathewson, PCC, Strategic Advisor & Coach at Prism Group will walk you through what you need to know or be aware of prior to jumping into the use of assessments in your organization.

In this session, we discuss:

1. Common Beliefs & Misbeliefs
2. Resistance - What is it all about?
3. 3 Signs Your Assessments may not be as valid as you think
4. 5 Key Questions to ask an Assessment Provider
5. Applications - including recruitment. 

Before you consider using assessments for recruitment and development, this webinar will help you avoid landmines such as privacy legislation and human rights.

Presenter: Sophie Mathewson, PCC

Sophie Mathewson is an International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach (PCC) , author, trainer, facilitator and President of Prism Group Int'l. She primarily works with municipalities, NPOs and NGOs.

Why she's awesome: Her passion is helping clients create productive and fulfilling working relationships. She does this by helping senior teams grow and model their culture, developing authentic leaders, assisting in the selection of the right people for the job and for your culture, and supporting culture transformation. Sophie envisions organizations where people treat each other with respect and dignity and they come to work with passion and a focus on doing their best resulting in sustainable business success.

About Prism Group Int'l

Prism Group Int’l specializes in supporting progressive organizations and individuals in attaining their objectives  with respect to development,  improved communication, improved working relationships, culture change and less biased selection.