5 Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System

From job advertising to candidate interviews, applicant tracking systems are packed full of features designed to streamline the hiring process. We’ve nailed it down to 5 major benefits you and your team can experience when using an application tracking system (ATS):

Reduce your time to hire  

Reducing your time to hire means reducing the time spent on filling an open job position at your organization. Every HR team wants to quickly find that ideal candidate for each job position, and there are ways to do so efficiently with an ATS.   

By bringing the entire recruiting process online, an ATS makes it quick and efficient to manage the applicants for your job postings. Recruiters and HR professionals can search for candidates in a centralized location and find people much faster with the use of an ATS. It’s also easy to screen out those that don’t fit a job based on lists of pre-determined screening questions that are customizable for each of your job postings.  

By having the ability to track the recruitment process in one centralized location, HR teams can reduce time spent on looking for records and approval emails. All of this functionality will absolutely reduce time-per-hire and cost-per-hire by getting rid of manual tasks and standardizing recruiting processes. 

Reduce administrative burden and create workflow efficiencies  

When it comes to the complexity of the recruitment process, one of the most hectic tasks for the recruiter is sifting through tons of resumes in the search for the perfect candidate. That’s why applicant tracking systems were designed to manage today’s complexities around talent acquisition. The purpose of an ATS is to enable recruiters with simple, easy to use tools which automate various processes of the recruitment like resume screening, emailing and following up with candidates. 

The ATS can also make it possible to flag individuals so they are not considered or reviewed for future roles. We all get those candidates that have applied for every role posted on the website. It’s nice to save that time for you and your hiring managers, instead of wasting their time reviewing these over and over again. 

Using an ATS allows you to keep your notes in one location so you don’t need to go through the hassle of trying to consolidate emails or transcribe phone calls to compile notes. You can make all this information available within the job posting and allow your team to collaborate directly within the system. By automating mundane tasks, your HR team can have the confidence that your workflows are accurate and efficient. 

Reduce your recruiting costs  

With many manual recruiting tasks being automated with an ATS, your organization can save money with an ATS by spending less person hours to fill a position, which ultimately makes your hiring process more productive and cost efficient.  

Building and maintaining a pool of applicants can also help reduce your recruiting costs, allowing you to already have the perfect candidate when you post your next job position. You won’t need to spend hours or weeks on another candidate search, ultimately reducing your time and cost spent on hiring candidates.  

Enhance the candidate experience  

Besides building a more efficient hiring process, applicant tracking systems can create an enhanced candidate experience, which is key for organizations who want to win over top talent. If the recruiter is spending too much time reviewing resumes, they are not getting back and moving forward with the top candidates quickly. These delays can lead to a poor candidate experience and may lead you to losing out on the perfect hire.

For candidates, an ATS makes it incredibly easy to apply for a new job – click on the job of interest, click apply, login/create a simple account with name, email and password only, upload relevant documents, answer pre-screening questions, click submit and done. That’s only four clicks to commit to an application. It doesn’t get much easier.  

Features within the ATS will provide a great experience as they will get notifications along the process and will know what the next steps for them are. These quick notifications and efficient hiring process will lead to a great experience for the candidate, giving that great first impression to your new hire.

Effective team collaboration every step of the way  

An ATS provides recruiting and hiring professionals with tools to streamline communication both internally among hiring teams and externally with candidates. Without being in the office and so closely connected to your coworker’s every day, some HR teams have felt the difficulties of team collaboration in remote working conditions.

Traditional in-person briefing and debriefing processes are less effective or impossible with social distancing. Recruiters need somewhere where they can internally collaborate without becoming a communication bottleneck and potentially losing out on the best candidate.  

Whether it’s recruiters talking to candidates, recruiters talking to hiring managers, or anything in between, the ability to communicate quickly and efficiently separates the talented organizations from the average ones. When it comes to communicating with candidates, it’s vital to choose an ATS that allows for recruiters to connect and engage effectively with hiring managers and other members on the HR team.  

So, as you continue to re-think your processes and how you can digitize your recruitment to create a better candidate experience, consider how an ATS like Recruit Right can set you up for hiring success.   

There’s a Better Way to Recruit.