4 Tips to Better Leverage LinkedIn at Your Municipality

If you want top talent for your municipality, it’s no longer a question of “if”, but “how and when” you implement a social media plan as part of your integrated online communications and recruitment strategy.

According to LinkedIn, 75% of people who recently changed jobs used LinkedIn to inform their career decision. For municipal human resource managers, you can take your recruitment strategy a few steps further by maximizing the potential of LinkedIn.

The Basics of LinkedIn

At 722M+ users in over 200 counties, LinkedIn has become the world's largest professional network and most used social media channel for getting a new job. And while most municipalities have a profile page on LinkedIn, many HR managers are not taking full advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer, including the opportunity to find quality talent.

  • 40M people using LinkedIn to search for jobs each week
  • Over 75% of people who recently changed jobs used LinkedIn to inform their career decision
  • LinkedIn’s InMail response rates are 3x higher than regular email
  • Candidates sourced through LinkedIn are 40% less likely to leave your company within the first 6 months
  • 3 people are hired every minute on LinkedIn

If you’re willing to look beyond the job post to better leverage LinkedIn, we’ve put together four opportunities that any municipality, no matter your size, can try to improve your talent acquisition strategy.

Opportunity 1: Social sharing  

If 40 million people are using LinkedIn to search for jobs each week, posting your new job on LinkedIn is a great start to finding new talent. But you can gain more leverage by tapping into the social networks of your existing employees.

By sharing your job postings on your company’s profile page, and having your employees engage with your post – either by sharing, liking or commenting – you can increase the reach of your job post by up to 10x.

Recruit Rights Takeaway:

Great employees often know other great employees – and by tapping into their network, you’ll be able to find these people with less effort.

Opportunity 2: Find the Right Candidate

While it’s great to land a perfect candidate that applies through your job portal, like Recruit Right, sometimes you need to actively hunt for people that have specific skills. That’s where LinkedIn and its LinkedIn Recruiter tool can help.

By setting parameters such as location, education level, skills, years of service and more, you can narrow your search down to find candidates that are hard to hire, or are within a specific niche.

While there is a fee to using LinkedIn Recruiter, the added value of getting a great hire can far outweigh the costs. In fact, in our ROI of an ATS whitepaper, we found that great employees can generate 20-25% more revenue than average employees.

Recruit Rights Takeaway:

Sometimes it makes sense to pay to find the best possible candidate – especially for those hard to hire jobs that require unique skill sets.

Opportunity 3: Join the discussion

Maybe your municipality isn’t ready to get started on LinkedIn Recruiter. That doesn’t put an end to your ability to hunt for great candidates on LinkedIn. By joining groups, you can find smart, engaged candidates for your open positions. And the opportunities are endless! Need a waste-water technician? There’s a group for that. Energy manager to oversee your conservation efforts? There’s a group for that too!

Recruit Rights Takeaway:

Finding talent through groups is a great way to find employees that will be engaged. If they’re already engaging in thoughtful conversation on LinkedIn, chances are they’ll bring a new enthusiasm to your municipality. A win-win.

Opportunity 4: Connect with past employees

Have you ever had an employee leave your organization and think “Gee – they’re going to be missed”? Then that’s a prime person to keep in touch with. Ensure you’re connecting with as many of your employees as possible on LinkedIn. By being connected with them, they’ll automatically see any new job postings you share, and they could be someone that you outreach to see if they’d be interested in returning to your municipality.

Recruit Rights Takeaway:

Just because an employee leaves, doesn’t mean they won’t come back. Many of the top organizations in the world have employees that ‘boomerang’ back, and bring with them new skills and insights.

We know top performers are already looking at your municipality online and through social media. Isn’t it time to look back? With these tips in mind, your municipality can start leveraging LinkedIn to hire the right candidate for that open job faster. And, with an applicant tracking system like Recruit Right, you can move that amazing new candidate through the hiring process seamlessly, getting them into their new role even faster.

There’s a Better Way to Recruit.